Many homes throughout Australia are benefiting from solar power already and are now interested in battery storage. Adding a solar battery to your homes solar system allows you to store the excess energy produced during the day for use at night. 

SolarRestore have been closely following solar battery solutions as they enter the Australian market with the aim of helping all solar owners navigate the many options available.

Solar batteries can vary in a lot of different ways making it difficult to compare options against each other and identify true value. Solar Restore can help by taking a look at your energy needs and refining your options down to the best batteries available for your situation.
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At SolarRestore our aim is to get your system back online as soon as possible. To make it easy we have compiled a selection of the leading inverter manufacturers Goodwe, Sungrow, SolaX, ABB, Fronius and SMA. 
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New Systems

The SolarRestore team of energy analysts, system designers and electricians are ready to evaluate the way your energy is being used and provide a smart proposal for installing a solar energy system.

With our network of Clean Energy Council accredited solar electricians throughout Australia we have a local team of experts ready to install your new solar energy system.

Whether you are looking at solar for your home or business SolarRestore is the right partner to help you reach your energy goals and with outstanding value and quality we know you will be very happy when you get there.
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You may already have a solar system on your home and be interested in adding additional panels to increase the total ouput of energy for your home. This can be a great option to either further reduce energy costs or increase the total rebate for solar energy feed-in.

SolarRestore are experienced in upgrading solar systems in Australia and can provide you with options for increasing the size of your solar system and growing your energy independance. 

Benefits for increasing the size of your solar system include:
• Further reducing electricity bills
• Becoming less reliant on grid power
• Increasing your credit for excess energy feed-in
• Preparing your system for Energy Storage
• Bringing your system up to current safety standards
• Renewing your solar systems warranties
• Taking advantage of current solar rebates
• Improving the appearance of your home

Choosing to partner with SolarRestore in upgrading your solar system is the best way to ensure your solar upgrade abides by all current industry standards and accreditations. We will also guide you through the new systems design decisions, the regulation involved and the feed-in-tariff implications.
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Warranty Service

Most solar systems include separate warranties (usually 5-10 years) on each component and the solar company and manufacturer are obligated to replace components that fail within this warranty period. Navigating these warranties, lodging an application and following up the process can be confusing and take time.

SolarRestore can help simplify the process with our Warranty Assistance Program, allowing you to access your warranty without the headache. With our experience in the solar industry we can speed up this process for you and minimise your solar downtime.
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