System down? SolarRestore are here to get you back online

At SolarRestore we aim to get your system back online as soon as possible. First of all, we need to find out what the problem seems to be. To help avoid unnecessary call out fee's, we can first attempt to diagnose the issue over the phone by running through the troubleshooting steps.

The most common point of failure is the inverter itself, generally speaking, if your inverter is less than five years old you will be covered by warranty. We can assist you with your warranty claim and get your system up and running for minimal cost. Please fill out your details on the warranties page.

To get your system up and running again if it is over five years old, you are looking at two options, Repair or Replace. Depending on your inverter type, we would usually recommend starting with a new inverter, this comes with a new 5 to 10-year warranty and is generally cheaper than repairing the old inverter that would still carry no warranty.



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