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Solar is an essential service, and for peace of mind solar savings, regular maintenance and servicing are vital. Our service includes a full diagnostic and maintenance health check as well as a three-stage clean conducted by solar specialist electricians – after a SolarRestore Service Technician visit, our clients receive 5 – 25% increase in performance.

Solar Not Working?

We can repair most brands of solar inverters at a fraction of the replacement cost, as well as provide a detailed inverter electronics assessment to ensure manufacturer warranty claims and home insurance claims are approved hassle free.

SolarRestore Maintenance package includes: 

• Full visual check of the cables, wires to check for any signs of fatigue or damage from vermin

• A visual defect inspection of the panels, checking for salt residue build up, cracks, chips or discoloration possibly caused by hail or lightning

• AC and DC Isolator Integrity check 

• Check of all wiring enclosures, associated switches, circuit breakers and fuses

• Inverter performance and data analysis, with recording of readings

• Extensive clean of the panels removing any build up of leaves, Bird or Bat faeces, moss, salt residue from living near the coast or dust and dirt from the pollution of living near main roads, factories or under a flight path 

• Electricity bill analysis, checking to make sure you are on the best possible rates, discounts and Feed in Tariff with your provider 

• Our Technician will also be able to answer any questions you may have in regards to your system and suggest ideas that will optimize your savings from your investment

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