Need More Solar?

In the same way that solar systems are designed to achieve many different goals the decision to upgrade your homes solar system can be based on very different needs.
Factors such as your existing solar system, energy retail contract and the electricity needs of your home all play a part in determining how you would benefit from a solar system upgrade.


Existing Solar Systems

The first step in assessing the suitability of a solar upgrade is to analyse the performance and reliability of your current solar system. An efficient system that is still producing much needed energy is worth retaining however an outdated solar system may not be worth the space it takes up on your roof.

To evaluate your systems performance you can usually monitor the total energy generated each day from the screen on the solar inverter. By comparing this to the normal output of a system the same size and age we can work out if all or any of the components in your existing system are worth keeping or replacing...For New Systems Click Here

QLD Average Daily Solar Generation per kW

QLD Solar System Summer Autum Winter Spring Total Average
1 Year Old 5.2 kWh 4.1 kWh 3.2 kWh 4.3 kWh 4.2 kWh
2 Years Old 5 kWh 4 kWh 3.1kWh 4.2 kWh 4.1 kWh
3 Years Old 4.9 kWh 3.9 kWh 3 kWh 4 kWh 4 kWh
4 Years Old 4.7 kWh 3.8 kWh 2.9 kWh 3.9 kWh 3.8 kWh
5 Years Old 4.6 kWh 3.8 kWh 2.8 kWh 3.8 kWh 3.7 kWh
6 Years Old 4.5 kWh 3.8 kWh 2.7 kWh 3.7 kWh 3.6kWh


Energy Retail Contract

As solar energy is generated it is used by your home reducing the amount of electricity you need to buy from the grid. You are also paid for the excess energy that is not used as it is fed into the grid. Your energy retail contract is what determines how much you are charged for energy and awarded for energy you feed in.

Most homes are only able to obtain the ‘market rate’ this excess energy however many retailers offer above market rates to win your business and increase their ‘green power’ attribution.

In Australia many early adopters of solar were awarded a ‘Premium feed-in-tariff’ as an incentive to invest in a solar power system. On these tariffs, a much higher rate was locked in for the energy being sold back to the grid and home owners can often benefit more from selling their solar energy then using it themselves.

Depending on where you live and what tariff you are on you may be able to upgrade your existing solar system without losing your Premium feed-in-tariff.

QLD Premium Feed-in-Tariff Information

Many homes in Queensland were able to recieve a premium feed-in-tariff of 44c/kWh in addition to the market rate of 6c/kWh (for a total of 50c/kWh). One of the best benefits of this tariff is that it is locked in until 31st June 2028 giving many homes the chance to greatly offset the energy they buy with the solar energy they feed-in.

There are many restrictions involved however when systems are designed correctly homes in QLD are able to upgrade their solar system without affecting their Premium tariff. 

If you are on this tariff then it is definately worth considering the benefits from an upgrade to your homes solar system. Take a look at the below example of how much your tariff solar credit could increase.

Average credit from upgrading in QLD on 44c / kWh Feed-In-Tarrif

  Extra 1kW Extra 2kW Extra 3kw
Daily Increase $2.00 $4.00 $6.00
Quarterly Increase $182.00 $365.00 $547.50
Yearly Increase $730.00 $1460.00 $2190.00


Electricity Needs

We live in a modern world where our homes will soon monitor our movements and nobody can live without their mobile phone, in short our energy needs are always growing. The same solar system which once provided most of your daytime energy needs may no longer be enough to keep your energy costs down.
Most owners of solar systems understand how exciting the new solar battery options entering our market are and it is becoming a popular choice to prepare for a battery by increasing the homes solar system.

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