Solar FAQ

You took the step towards a clean energy future, SolarRestore will make sure you get there.

We appreciate your investment in renewable energy and are here to help you protect and utilise your solar power system.

Through our network of Clean Energy Council acreddited electricians, we are proud to provide a number of services to Solar Systems Australia wide, from maintenance, cleaning, repairs, monitoring, replacement components or simply advice on how to get the most from your solar.

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If you have a question on any of our products or services you can either give us a call on 1300 586 646 between 8am - 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday. Or simply send us a message a by clicking here

Fault Resolution

Although solar systems generally require minimal maintenance and are designed to last for many years, sometimes things can still go wrong.

If your solar system is experiencing issues or does not seem to be producing energy as usual we can help to identify the problem and correct the issue.
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System Maintenance

Solar systems may not have any moving parts however they are directly exposed to our harsh Australian climate and can often benefit from routine maintenance.

The systems location, how it was installed and local weather and wildlife conditions can all impact how important it is to keep up with regular maintance. 
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Recalled Isolators

If your system was installed between June 2011 - March 2014, there is a possibility it could have been installed with one of these recalled DC isolators, use our comprehensive guide to check if you have a recalled product. If you find one of these isolators, SolarRestore can help to get your system operating safely again. 
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System Monitoring

System monitoring can help you effectively utilise the energy produced by your homes solar system. Most solar inverters available today will provide you with realtime and historical information on the energy output of your solar system however they often overlook the importance of monitoring your energy consumption.
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Replacement Components

Sometimes one element in your solar system can stop functioning and will need to be replaced. Solar Restore can help you identify which component has failed and organise a replacement unit to be installed to get your system working again.
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Battery FAQ

Many homes throughout Australia are benefiting from solar power already and are now interested in battery storage. Adding a solar battery to your homes solar system allows you to store the excess energy produced during the day for use at night. 

SolarRestore have been closely following solar battery solutions as they enter the Australian market with the aim of helping all solar owners navigate the many options available.

Solar batteries can vary in a lot of different ways making it difficult to compare options against each other and identify true value. Solar Restore can help by taking a look at your energy needs and refining your options down to the best batteries available for your situation.

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QLD 44c feed-In-tariff

Customers who applied for the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme before 10 July 2012 and maintain their eligibility can continue to receive a feed-in tariff of 44 cents per kilowatt-hour for excess electricity exported to the grid.

Keep up to date with the latest changes regarding upgrading or repairing your system whist on the 44c feed in tariff, also what is required to maintain your eligability.
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