Refund Policy


SolarRestore will refund or exchange purchased equipment if the equipment is, on delivery, found not to be of merchantable quality.

Refunds generally will only be offered where a replacement unit cannot be provided.

No refunds, credit or replacements are offered if you have changed your mind about the system, make an incorrect choice, or failed to verify and accurately provide information when placing an order.

If we have agreed to replace or refund the purchase price of the product that you purchased, the defective unit must be returned to us for the replacement/refund process to start. You will be obliged to arrange and pay for the delivery cost involved in returning the unit.


Your warranty claim is at the descretion of the manufacture. SolarRestore will not refund any costs involved with installing your new inverter or if the manufacturer decides that your component is not covered by warranty. 

Warranty claims typically take between 4-8 weeks and vary depending on manufacturer.